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With our devotion to animals, high ethical standards and rigorous controls, we make sure your pampered pooch or kitty gets the complete care they need.

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Why buy Aussie Pork?


Poppy loves Trusty’s Beef T-Bone bites, and they are really helping with her training regime. I am trying to get her to stop pulling on the lead (which is really annoying) and using treats to reward good behaviour seems to be helping!

Kate and poppy

I am a vegetarian, so i like the idea of a vegan alternative to dog treats. I have got three dogs, and they all love a good old chew on the veggie pigs ears, while I am reassured that the environmental impact is minimsed. 

Eva, Lola, Queenie & Bruno

My dog spends alot of time indoors since we live in a flat. Chewing on a bone can help her to be less bored, and it also gives her jaws a work out and helps clean her teeth. When she is chewing the bone she isnt chewing my slippers!

Steven from melbourne

i love the Trusty Catnip products because my cat loves them sooooo much. She knows where i keep her toy. As soon as she starts biting and licking the toy she goes bonkers, running around the garden and jumping up the trees.